Doing the right thing/doing what GOD says?

I have always thought GOD wants us to do the right thing when it comes to choosing between right or wrong. But never did it occur to me that I am supposed to be doing what GOD says through HIS Word or directly. Doing the right thing is not the same as doing what GOD asks you to do.

GOD thing or right thing

Let us see some examples from the Bible,

1. Uzzah

Then David and all Israel went to Baalah of Judah (also called Kiriath-jearim) to bring back the Ark of God, which bears the name of the Lord who is enthroned between the cherubim. They placed the Ark of God on a new cart and brought it from Abinadab’s house. Uzzah and Ahio were guiding the cart. David and all Israel were celebrating before God with all their might, singing songs and playing all kinds of musical instruments—lyres, harps, tambourines, cymbals, and trumpets.

But when they arrived at the threshing floor of Nacon,the oxen stumbled, and Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the Ark. 10 Then the Lord’s anger was aroused against Uzzah, and he struck him dead because he had laid his hand on the Ark. So Uzzah died there in the presence of God. I Chr:13:6-10

Reading through the story of Uzzah, really shook me, as I thought he was doing the right thing. Infact anyone who was so close to the Ark would have done the same. But what is GOD’s instructions regarding the Ark. If you read in Numbers, GOD has given clear instructions to Moses as to who should touch/carry the ark. When David moved the Ark he dint follow any of those instructions. The family of Kohathites were supposed to carry the Ark and it was a very sacred duty and no matter what happened nobody was supposed to touch the Ark.

The camp will be ready to move when Aaron and his sons have finished covering the sanctuary and all the sacred articles. The Kohathites will come and carry these things to the next destination. But they must not touch the sacred objects, or they will die. So these are the things from the Tabernacle that the Kohathites must carry. Num:4:15

So GOD has given clear instructions, that even Kohathites who can carry are not allowed to touch, otherwise they will die. Uzzah tried to do the right thing but that was not what GOD wanted him to do.

2. Young Prophet

At the Lord’s command, a man of God from Judah went to Bethel, arriving there just as Jeroboam was approaching the altar to burn incense. Then at the Lord’s command, he shouted, “O altar, altar! This is what the Lord says: A child named Josiah will be born into the dynasty of David. On you he will sacrifice the priests from the pagan shrines who come here to burn incense, and human bones will be burned on you.” That same day the man of God gave a sign to prove his message. He said, “The Lord has promised to give this sign: This altar will split apart, and its ashes will be poured out on the ground.”

When King Jeroboam heard the man of God speaking against the altar at Bethel, he pointed at him and shouted, “Seize that man!” But instantly the king’s hand became paralyzed in that position, and he couldn’t pull it back. At the same time a wide crack appeared in the altar, and the ashes poured out, just as the man of God had predicted in his message from the Lord.

The king cried out to the man of God, “Please ask the Lord your God to restore my hand again!” So the man of God prayed to the Lord, and the king’s hand was restored and he could move it again.I Kings: 13:1-6

If you read the full story the ending is really pathetic. The young prophet was killed by a lion, because he disobeyed GOD and went to eat with the old Prophet who had lied to him. I never understood this story until recently when GOD spoke to me about this blog. 

In,fact we see in the below passage that the man refuses to eat saying GOD forbade him, but the old Prophet insists and then he eats.

15 Then he said to the man of God, “Come home with me and eat some food.”

16 “No, I cannot,” he replied. “I am not allowed to eat or drink anything here in this place. 17 For the Lord gave me this command: ‘You must not eat or drink anything while you are there, and do not return to Judah by the same way you came.’”

18 But the old prophet answered, “I am a prophet, too, just as you are. And an angel gave me this command from the Lord: ‘Bring him home with you so he can have something to eat and drink.’” But the old man was lying to him. 19 So they went back together, and the man of God ate and drank at the prophet’s home. I Kings:13: 15-18

The young man trusted the old prophet and thought he was doing the right thing but he missed on what GOD wanted him to do.

When GOD gives us instructions, then HE will be the one to tell us if there is a change of plan. In the above story, GOD would have told the young Prophet himself whether he could eat or not. This is a valuable lesson to be learnt- “Never rely on other people for knowing GOD’s instructions for your life”. GOD is your FATHER and has given YOU His HOLY SPIRIT who knows the will of GOD and HE says to ask HIM in JESUS Name. You don’t need a mediator to talk to your own Dad. Don’t be mislead. Spend time at HIS feet and reading HIS Word to know what HE wants for your life. Knowing HIS Will in each and every step of your life is more important than anything else you could possibly imagine.

27 And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will. 28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Rom:8:27,28

3. Ananias and Sapphira

If you read the story of Ananias and Sapphira from Acts:5:1-11, you will see that their intention was right -Selling their land and giving the money to the poor.

Then Peter said, “Ananias, why have you let Satan fill your heart? You lied to the Holy Spirit, and you kept some of the money for yourself. The property was yours to sell or not sell, as you wished. And after selling it, the money was also yours to give away. How could you do a thing like this? You weren’t lying to us but to God!” Acts : 5:3

The great mistake they did was telling lies about how much they sold and keeping back the money.

Im sure they dint have to sell their land in the 1st place, but to do the right thing and to be generous they sold it and instead of telling Peter the right amount, they lied and it cost their lives.

Today how many of us tell lies thinking it won’t hurt anyone or it can even be a white lie.No matter what GOD says HE hates lies and liars don’t have any part in Heaven.

“But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Rev: 21:8

Ananias and his wife thought they were doing right but instead they did the greatest blunder of their lives, of lying to GOD himself.

Let us learn from these above examples from the Bible, they are written so that we can learn from their mistakes and live a better life pleasing GOD.

4. Judas Ischariot

Like Judas most people in the world and even many Christians think, that when there is no way out from the misery they are facing or the challenges they face. The way to get rid of all their problems is either walk away from GOD or commit suicide.

People think all the problems they face are from GOD and HE loves some people and hates others. That’s the greatest lie devil wants us to believe.

John:3:16 says,

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

HE loves everyone without any condition.

A very contrast character to Judas is Peter. According to the world’s eyes Judas did the right thing, but Peter did the GOD thing. Peter ran to GOD for forgiveness and mercy.

That’s all GOD wants you to do. Run to HIM. He is waiting with arms wide open with no criticism but only love.

The only way out for all your troubles is running to JESUS and not away from HIM.

Today my dear friends I encourage you to do the GOD thing. Seek HIS will and do what HE says and not what is right in the world’s eyes or your own eyes.

Have a blessed GOD filled day!!!






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